Ramler Park Construction Slides

  • The Future Home of Ramler ParkBoston Parks and Recreation sign in 2000.
  • Ramler Park DesignThis design was approved by the community.
  • Phase I 2002Removing remnants of the old parking lot.
  • Phase I 2002Distressed trees and tired topsoil removed.
  • Phase I 2002The lot was graded for proper drainage.
  • Phase I 2002New soil, stone dust for walkways, and sidewalk added.
  • Phase I 2002Granite curbs define the walkway.
  • Phase I 2003Walways completed, sprinkler heads flagged, furniture installed.
  • Phase II 2002-2003John Tagiuri, commissioned artist, with the first fence panel.
  • Phase II 2003A retainer wall lines the walkway. Time to add the fence.
  • Phase II 2003Time for planting!
  • Phase II 2003The front corner is ready to receive the redwoods.
  • Phase II 2003A variety of trees will supply color, shade, and home for many birds of the Fenway.
  • Phase II 2003Landscapers ensure proper placement of the wall of pines.
  • Phase II 2003Newly planted trees need lots of water.
  • Phase II 2003The bushes and shrubs arrive.
  • Phase II 2003All types of trees and bushes arrive.
  • Phase II 2003Most trees are in place, including three Dawn Redwoods by the sign.
  • Phase II 2004The fountain and the pergola will be the crowning pieces.
  • Phase II 2004The inner ring of the pergola has a core of steel.
  • Phase II 2004A crane lowers the pre-formed curved steel.
  • Phase II 2004The wide path will later serve as a performance area.
  • Phase II 2004The fountain arrives!
  • Phase II 2004The fountain was made in Georgia for Ramler Park.
  • Phase II 2004The team guides the fountain into position.
  • Phase II 2004Nearly ready for opening day!
  • Opening CelebrationAugust 10, 2004, Mayor Menino officially opens Ramler Park.
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